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    Here, you can experience the passion and fighting spirit of the selflessly devoted elites involved in construction of the key projects of Beijing Olympics, Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games venues, and have the opportunity to discuss solutions with them to be benefited from it;
    Here, you can feel free to participate in building of the national key projects such as 3G network construction, overall digital TV translation, gas and water network transformation, underground rail transit construction, to work together to build the “national brand” image of self-innovation and great persistence of GCI Science & Technology and experience the joy of growth;
    Here, you can get off with a group of vibrant siblings with the average age of 28, and show your expertise in various cultural, sports, development and creative activities under the influence of GCI corporate culture;
    Here, you can display your aptitudes for the first time in the “triple-play”, “cloud computing”, “Internet of Things” and other applications, find challenging work and opportunities to change the world, and soon become innovative and vibrant talents;
    Here, you can enjoy a taste of different customs and profound culture of different regions domestically and globally while providing technical services and support for localization of business of GCI Science & Technology;
    Here, you can show your splendour in the bidding scenes, accumulates valuable knowledge and experience while while competing against competitors and friendly business enterprises on the same stage, and appreciate the joy of success after winning;
    Come on, dear friends! GCI Science & Technology is looking forward to your participation! A high-morale and passionate elite team beckons!