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System integration

    Industrial application system integration is one of the core businesses in our company. Over the years, GCI provided professional, feasible, overall solution and services for different users, basing on the deep understanding and experience accumulation for national application construction demand, combining with advanced scientific research technology and reinforced engineering implement ability, relying on project integration and engineering implement experience of many years, taking quaternity business mode of “ channel + technology + product + service ” as support
1. Information system of building intellectualization
    Take building consulting, design, implementation, maintenance of intelligent information system as main businesses. Raise system construction frame —— Provide advanced, overall, reliable project planning scheme —— Complete installation, debugging and testing of system, optimize system in time
2. Monitoring communication system of rail transit
    GCI Railway Department has good project implementation management experience and level, it can meet the requirement that rail transit special and integrated project is large, and has long cycle, many construction parties. The company completed many engineering projects related with many metro line
3. Weak current engineering of machine room
    Weak current engineering of machine room contain television engineering, communication engineering, fire engineering, security project, image engineering etc. and implementation and managerial experience of cabling system of above engineering
4. Security system of prison
    GCI security system of prison is used for preventing prisoners from escaping, fighting, self harm, riot, bustle, abducting and harming discipline leaders and staff, leakage of information. It is used for preventing strangers to enter and go out with forbidden objects and handling these events.   it is used for saving and filing of historical materials.
5. Management system of emergency command
     GCI studied and developed high-performance and full-digital mobile audio and video transmission technology, digital image coding technology, multi-carrier modulation technology, treatment technology for mosaic and jump, grading receiving technology, CDFDM orthogonal frequency division multiplexing technology independently. The company realized command and dispatch of mobile emergency communication. It is used in: nuclear radiation, biological terrorist incident, extra serious accident of dangerous chemical, forest fire prevention, prison, torrent, ice and snow, war, typhoon, flood and other extra serious accident fields.
6. Intelligent information system of hospital
    The company can collect, store, process, extract and exchange treatment information of patients and administration information for each department of hospital. It meets function demand of all authorized users. This system includes information application subsystem, medical information subsystem, managerial subsystem of intelligent building, information facilities subsystem, security protection subsystem, and machine room project.