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Board Secretary of GCI Was Awarded with Titles of “China Top Board Secretary Medal” and “the Excellent Board Secretary”

    In the “2014 Value Evaluation Summit and Awarding Ceremony of Chinese Listed Companies ” and “the 11th New Fortune Excellent Board Secretary and the 8th New Fortune Best Investment Bank Awarding Ceremony” respectively held on July 31st and August 6th , 2015 in Shenzhen. GCI board secretary Mr. Huang Zheng was awarded with titles of “China Top Board Secretary Medal” and “the Excellent Board Secretary”.
   “China Top Board Secretary Medal” is one of the highest honor of the Chinese board secretary, and the “the Excellent Board Secretary” is held by the New Fortune and is one of the standards of the talent reserve of Shenzhen City. Mr. Huang Zheng has won this award for twice consecutively. And this is an acknowledgment to Mr. Huang’s contribution and achievements.