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The Cambodia CDC with GCI’s Participation in Construction Starts Number Allocation

On August 23rd , 2015, South East Asia Telecom (Cambodia)Co., Ltd. held a grand opening celebration for number allocation in Phnom Penh. The GM Sun Yichuan of Communication Planning and Design Institute of GCI Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as GCI) and GCI’s GM assistant Wang Hua attended the ceremony on behalf of the partner.
South East Asia Telecom Group Co., Ltd. was founded in August 2014 in Singapore, and signed a strategic cooperation partner framework agreement at the early stage of establishment that GCI would undertake the planning and design for South East Asia Telecom Group Co., Ltd. covering the Group’s development strategy, network operation and infrastructure construction.
When South East Asia Telecom (Cambodia)Co., Ltd was in preparing, GCI sent its backbone staff to help construction, and decided to build a communication terminal building named “Phnom Penh Cloud Data Center(CDC for short)”. The Architecture Design Institute of GCI Communication Planning and design Institute undertook this task.
CDC is the only electronic information computer room in Cambodia as well as in its neighboring countries.
GCI actively implements China’s “Belt and Road” Strategy. GCI will start the establishment of its Cambodia subsidiary with the total investment of 10 million yuan RMB, and will conduct services covering mobile Internet solution, communication technology, engineering service, import and export trades of communication equipment, and other associated business.
Introduction of GCI Architecture Design Institute:
GCI Architecture Design Institute was established in 2014 and is qualified to undertake architecture engineering design, decoration engineering design, intelligent architecture design, illumination and fire protection engineering and design, and can take an overall contract.
GCI Architecture Design Institute has top-level registered architect, top-level registered engineering, top-level cost engineer of 8 people in total. Other professions such craft, Interior design, hvac, water supply and drainage, geotechnical and electric are all in full configuration. There are about 50 civil engineers in this institute and 70% of them are advanced engineers or higher.