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GCI’s Key Projects in Guangdong and Hongkong were Successfully Accepted

On October 30th , the Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province held an acceptance meeting in GCI building of the Guandong-Hongkong key project “Safety of high-performance IPv4 and IPv6 communication equipment research and development and industrialization”. The president-assistant Cheng Jie and the all the members of this project headed by Huang Jianming attended this meeting.
The meeting eventually formed a consensus: all the acceptance material submitted were completed, the project requirements were met and the standards specified in the contract were met, thus an acceptance was passed.
This project focuses on the needs of the coexistence of IPv6 and the IPv4 network and the security access, and develops high-performance IPv4 and IPv6 network communication equipment and safety operation level access authentication server (AS), high-performance IPv4 and IPv6 network communication equipment; supports correct parsing of IPv4 and IPv6 protocol stack, IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to domain names and domain name to IPv4 and IPv6 address ,  supports for multiple network technology transition agreement; can provide Tri-element Peer security access authentication based on TePA certification, and supports local access authentication and roaming access authentication, meet the requirement of telecom operating level, and realize the commercial trials of the equipment. Achieved good social benefits.
This project has 2 authorized invention patents, 2 software copyrights, 5 published essays and works, and 1 local standard in Guangdong Province has been developed. The products of this project was deployed on the South China education scientific research website. It has good application demonstration effect, and provides a good technical reserves for the next generation information network SDN.